Loft Hatches

LOFT Hatches

The energy conservation and air leakage requirements of Building Regulations (Approved Documents L and C) mean that a loft trap needs to be a high-performance product.

Site-constructed traps are no longer adequate. Glidevale Loft Hatches have been designed and engineered under BS EN ISO 9001 to meet these latest demands.

Each Glidevale Hatch comprises a frame which is fixed into a trimmed opening and has a seal to the ceiling and a trap door which is thermally insulated and has a flexible closed cell seal between door and frame.

  • Integral seals significantly reduce water vapour migration into the loft space, reducing condensation risk.

  • The seals also virtually eliminate heat loss by air movement around the trap door and exceed the airtightness requirement of the Approved Documents, as demonstrated by test.

  • The traps provide continuity of thermal insulation at ceiling level, substantially reducing heat loss by conduction through the trap.

  • Options with enhanced insulation meet the minimum U-value requirement of the Approved Documents.

  • Optional key-operated security bolts for tenanted properties or public areas.

  • Half-hour fire resistance option with Class 0 flame spread on AH7 model.

  • One hour fire resistance on AH6 model.