Glidevale Intelligent Passive Stack Ventilation iPSV


The Glidevale iPSV® intelligent passive stack ventilation system provides an ultra-low maintenance, no-energy alternative to mechanical ventilation. 

Driven primarily by the natural stack effect by which warm air rises, moisture-laden air is removed directly from 'wet' rooms (e.g. kitchens and bathrooms). Air inlets located in habitable rooms (living rooms, bedrooms etc) provide a flow of replacement air to the building.

  • The only BBA-certified PSV system in the UK.
  • Complies with Building Regulations and Standards.
  • Provides 24-hour condensation control with continuous gentle extraction.
  • 'Intelligent' extracts and inlets automatically modulate ventilation to suit demand.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Operates without the need for power.
  • Completely silent in operation.
  • Lasts the life of a dwelling as there are no electrical components to malfunction. This results in Glidevale iPSV being the lowest cost ventilation option available throughout the life of a dwelling.
  • Ideal for social housing costing nothing to operate, cannot be switched off by occupants, requires minimal maintenance and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Recommended in PP3/99 Sustainable Homes: A guide for registered social landlords, written by the Housing Corporation and the BRE.


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Glidevale's iPSV® humidity sensitive extract uses no power and is silent in operation.