Cavity Trays - What's new?

Cavity Trays - What's new?

Glidevale’s comprehensive range of cavity trays are designed for use in brick, block or random stone external masonry walls to prevent moisture form penetrating the inner leaf of an external wall.

NHBC Standards and BS 8215 specifically recommend the use of a preformed abutment cavity trays for pitch roof to wall junctions or where the cavity is bridged. Our trays are specifically designed to avoid the faults most often found with conventional DPC materials, all components are preformed or pre-creased to avoid inadequate installation.

Glidevale Intraweep Abutment (AT) Trays

Below are some of the ingenious features of our AT Trays used at the junction where the sloping edge of a pitched roof abuts a wall. The universal design is suitable for roof pitches between 20° - 55° and consists of intermediate, catchment and apex trays. For more detail on where these are used, please read our Cavity Tray range brochure.

Also available are Glidevale Horizontal (HT) Trays for use in varying locations such as where a flat roof abuts an external cavity wall.  The HT Trays have been designed with a lip that projects slightly from the wall when installed to give a neat appearance and to prevent pointing over, a common fault. As with all trays, optional factory-fitted AluFlash or lead flashing is available removing the need to rake our joints and point in flashings – saving time and cost!

Other components in the range include blockwork trayshorizontal refurbishment traysbespoke multi crease rolls and bespoke arch/bullseye trays.

Our simple range for any masonry and timber frame cavity wall application makes specifying and ordering easy. Speak to our Technical team today for product advice and quotations. Simply forward floor plans, elevations and section drawings to for a detailed quotation.