Newly improved Underfloor Ventilation range

Newly improved Underfloor Ventilation range

Introducing Glidevale’s newly improved products, the MV251 Periscope Vent and the MV250 Airbrick.

Subsequent to thorough testing and analysis, the new MV251 Periscope vent rear opening has been redesigned to ensure it can be used in smaller subfloor voids. The opening has been reduced from 65mm to 50mm in height.

Furthermore, the MV250 Airbrick has recently been redeveloped to enhance its airflow to a market leading 8000mm². The widened front facing slats on the MV250 Airbrick, now allow for additional airflow to pass through, whilst still designed to prevent the ingress of driving rain, nesting insects and small rodents. Available in terracotta, buff and anthracite black.

Our MV250 Airbrick can be used in conjunction with the previously mentioned MV251 Periscope vent or our MV255 Straight Sleeve, where through wall applications are necessary. For more information on the full Underfloor and Cavity Wall Vent range please download our product brochure.

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