Cookie Policy


In accordance with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2011; all website owners must identify what cookies are in use and for what purpose.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are created every time a browser loads a cookie enabled website; they are used to assist the browser navigate the site, load features such as logins, language preferences etc.

Cookies do not snoop into your files, nor do they collect any information from your computer - they are simply there to assist your browser process the site it is viewing.

Can you opt-out of using cookies?

You can opt-out from cookies being created, this is browser specific and instructions on how to opt out are below for the most popular browsers. Please note that if you disable cookies it may prevent our site from performing to its full potential and also from being able to purchase through the shopping cart.

Internet Explorer:

Select Tools, click Internet Options, Select the Privacy tab, under settings there is a slider which can be adjusted (Top blocks Cookies - Bottom allows them).

Mozilla Firefox:

Click the Firefox button, Select Options, Click on the Privacy tab and place a tick in the box to block cookies.

Google Chrome:

Click Menu (3 lines icon in top right of screen), select settings, Click Show Advanced Settings, Under Privacy - select Content Settings to make a choice.

Safari (Mac OS):

Click Safari, choose preferences, click on the Privacy tab and choose block cookies.

Our site uses the following cookies for the following reasons:




laravel-session, session-payload  

These are session cookies which are required for our ecommerce platform to pass data between page loads


When you close the cookie banner this cookie is set in order to hide it

PHPSESSID, edit-page-tab

CMS specific cookies, not used at all on our site except by admins for usability


Cookies prefixed with __ga are part of Google Analytics