Glidevale membrane prevents harmful ground gases in Amber 1 and 2 situations

Glidevale membrane prevents harmful ground gases in Amber 1 and 2 situations

The Protect GDB10 PLUS gas protection membrane from Glidevale provides a continuous, impermeable protective barrier against ground gases and damp penetration. For use on solid ground floor slabs and suspended concrete floors, its double function avoids the need for a separate damp proof membrane. Protecting against methane, radon, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons, which are often present when developing both brownfield and greenfield sites, the membrane is suitable for use in Amber 1 and 2 situations.

Above: The Protect GDB10 PLUS membrane provides protection against ground gases and damp.

Protect GDB10 PLUS is supplied in a range of sizes including a wide 3.0m x 40m roll, resulting in fewer joints to tape and no creases to remove on site when compared to folded products. 150mm wide surface applied Gas Jointing Tape is also available to complete the system. The product system  complies with BS 8485: 2015 Table 7 achieving the maximum score  and also meets the NHBC Traffic Lights, CIRIA C735 and CIRIA C665* standards. BM TRADA approved, the membrane enables Building Regulations in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to be met.

Glidevale supplies a range of purpose designed, preformed accessories to maintain protection at edges, wall cavities, corners, pipes and services and to remove the need to form difficult shapes on site. A complementary range of underfloor and cavity wall ventilation accessories remove gases and moisture vapour where required and enable regulatory requirements for ventilation to be met.

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*When installed as prescribed in BRE Report BR 414.