Problems with condensation? Glidevale have the solution

Problems with condensation? Glidevale have the solution

Glidevale the experts in condensation management have solutions for all your condensation concerns.

As house builders and house owners alike are becoming expert in improving the thermal efficiency of their properties, energy efficiency is improving but there are unintended consequences. As homes become more and more airtight, air quality can be compromised. Half of buildings in the UK have problems associated with condensation.

Condensation can cause damage to both the fabric and the inhabitants of a dwelling. Poor air quality can cause respiratory problems for inhabitants. Damp and humid conditions can cause unsightly mould on walls and ceilings plus serious structural damage to roof timbers in the roofspace.

Glidevale offer a range of condensation solutions:

  • Living Space Condensation - Humidity controlled wall vents to ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Market leading loft traps with closed cell seals to ensure movement of moist air into the roof space is kept to a minimum.
  • Extensive range of roof space ventilation - Guarantee any moisture laden air in the roof space is vented outside.

Matthew McAndry, Director of Technical for Glidevale says:
"Glidevale have over 25 years experience in the UK and Ireland in the control of condensation in buildings. Glidevale offer a full site survey service for social housing landlords to help review their ventilation requirements and manage any condensation problems they may have. Whether you are involved with "new build" developments or you manage a stock of houses you need to ensure you are managing all your condensation risks. From living space to roof space Glidevale can advise on all your condensation management needs."