New super-tough membrane protects from damp and harmful gases

New super-tough membrane protects from damp and harmful gases

An innovative new product Protect GDB10 PLUS launched by Glidevale is an unrivalled universal gas and damp barrier to protect against Methane, CO2, Radon and Hydrocarbons as well as damp penetration from the ground.

The lightweight and super strong membrane comes with a full range of engineered, preformed accessories to ensure gas tightness at internal/external corners, wall cavities, pipes and service entries. The full package covers all gas and damp protection needs from one specialist supplier, Glidevale.

Independent CBR Puncture Resistance testing has shown that Protect GDB10 PLUS is tougher and more durable than any other well known competitors in the market place.

The Ground Gas Handbook is an authoritative document used when protecting the ground from Gas. It requires that gas-resistant membranes "should be manufactured under a quality system independently certified to BS EN ISO 9001." Z-Led is certified to 9001.

It also states "Consideration should be given to independent testing and or inspection of samples before approval for use is granted" and "Traceable quality control records must be maintained by the manufacturer with all rolls individually labelled with a batch number." Protect GDB10 PLUS through its BM TRADA Certification complies with these recommendations.

Furthermore the handbook states that membranes made from reinforced HDPE with an aluminium core such as Protect GDB10 PLUS provide the "Best resistance to ground gas or vapour migration if correctly installed. Flexible, low cost, increased tear resistance and good chemical resistance."

Matthew McAndry, Director of Technical for Glidevale says:
"Harmful soil gases such as methane, radon and carbon dioxide can enter properties through routes including cracks in floors and walls, construction joints and wall cavities. These have to be addressed to ensure compliance with Approved Document C, which states that 'reasonable precautions shall be taken to avoid danger to health and safety caused by contaminants on or in the ground covered by the building or any land associated with the building". Our new product Protect GDB10 PLUS and accessories is the total Gas Protection system you need to ensure your building is safe also complying with the NHBC Traffic Lights* and CIRIA C665, when installed as prescribed in BRE 414. (*For Amber 2 or worse the membrane should always be fitted by a specialist contractor)."

PROTECT GDB10 PLUS is delivered in rolls of 40m x 2.5m wide and despite its excellent tensile strength of 783 and Nail Tear strength of 441, it is easy to cut and, at only 17.5kg, lightweight to handle.