Glidevale Loft Traps help minimise the risk of roof space condensation

Glidevale Loft Traps help minimise the risk of roof space condensation

The new "airtight" Glidevale loft trap with its closed cell air/vapour seals between frame and ceiling minimises any warm air ingress into the loft. Furthermore the excellent thermal insulation properties of the Glidevale traps provides continuity of thermal insulation at ceiling level and substantially reduces heat loss by conduction through the trap.

With a conventional unsealed loft hatch, approximately 50% of vapour transfer by air movement occurs around the hatch cover (BRE Digest 270). With a Glidevale sealed Loft Trap this can be cut to almost zero.

Glidevale Loft Access Traps have been designed and engineered under BS EN ISO 9001 to meet the demands of Approved Documents C (condensation control), L (thermal insulation) and B (fire). Installed as part of an insulation strategy not only does it increase energy efficiency of the building but improves air quality and allows condensation management.

Matthew McAndry, Director of Technical for Glidevale says:
"The differential between the cold air above the loft insulation and the warm air in the living space of our homes has never been greater. Studies have shown that 50% of the warm, moisture laden air that enters the roof space of a house does so via a poorly fitted, often site fabricated loft trap. With an increasing differential between the cold air in the loft and the warm air below more warm air is being drawn into the loft. As this warm air cools there is a serious risk of condensation and the serious damage it can cause if left undetected (rotten roof timbers etc.)

So when you are improving the insulation of your property don't over look the important role that the loft trap plays. Installing a new Glidevale loft trap is an excellent way to protect the investment made in insulation material. Fitting a new Glidevale loft trap is a very cost effective way of enhancing the thermal performance of your property".

Each Glidevale Loft Access Trap comprises of a frame which is fixed into a trimmed opening and has a seal to the ceiling, and a trap door which is thermally insulated and has a flexible closed cell seal between door and frame.